Cups, Subscription and FAQ

As we grow and learn, we will continuously improve our Cups and Subscription service. Ultimately, we want to create a great sustainable and functional cup and through our subscription model, make it such a convenient service for take-away consumers that the question will be “why wouldn’t you use One Good Cup?”


  • Made from Bamboo, Corn Fibres and other resins
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Silicon seals recyclable
  • Twist lid – feel confident the lid is going to stay on
  • NOT Microwaveable


  • Initially one cup & one token per subscription
  • RETURN to any affiliated café for a fresh cup OR
  • Drop cup off (yes it can be dirty!) at any affiliated café for a TOKEN
  • Use the TOKEN next time in an affiliated café to receive a fresh Cup when you order your take-away drink.


    1. What happens if I loose/break a cup?

    Once you have taken a cup, it is under your ownership and thus please just buy another one.

    2. Can I keep the lid?

    Absolutely and if at any point you need to buy new a lid, please just visit one of our Cafe Champions.

    3. I've lost my token... can I still just get another cup?

    Sadly not in the initial phase so please take care to keep it. Once our system evolves, we hope to remove the physical token altogether with a more robust process.

    4. Do I have to clean my cup?

    No! One of the benefits is the convenience of not having to wash the cup.

    5. I'm a cafe and am interested in becoming a Cafe Champion - what should I do?

    Fantastic - please email us at with your name and contact number and we will be in touch shortly.

    6. I really like your cups - can I get one customised for my business?

    Absolutely, depending on quantities required.

    7. I love Tea/Long Blacks (Americano's in other cultures) - can I use One Good Cup?

    Yes but the cup will get hot - we suggest buying one of our Silicon Bands or using a Napkin. In future iterations of the cup we hope to improve the insulation properties.

    8. I'd love to keep updated with your progress, do you have an email subscription?

    Yes, though we encourage you to follow us on social media (e.g. Instagram Onegoodcupoz) as believe we all receive too much marketing information already via email and don't want to clog up your inbox.

    Please email and please put in the subject "Progress email Requested"

    9. I have an issue/complain/suggestion - what should I do?

    We are a small team and learning each day and any feedback is valuable as we seek to improve our effectiveness in our mission.

    Please email and please put in the subject - "Feedback".